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Kids & Teens 'Stirring it Up'...

with Daren Bale!  

A fabulous opportunity to enhance your cooking skills and be inspired on this one day cooking course with Daren Bale.

This will be a ‘hands on’ cooking day where you will have the opportunity to try out some awesome recipes.  Daren is passionate about creating innovative dishes with fresh produce, so the ingredients will be sourced and as seasonal, as much as possible.  

As well as introducing the students to mouthwatering new recipes, topics that will be covered during the day will be:

  • Nutrition (incl. sports & teen)
  • Knife Skills
  • Food hygiene
  • Having fun in the kitchen!

Some of the recipes will be tasted throughout the day and at lunch but hopefully enough will be left to take home to impress their family. 

The ‘wow’ factor will keep emerging as they show off their new cookery skills at home.

Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Equipment list:

Please wear covered, flat and comfy shoes.  Everything will be provided including aprons.


There are no pre-requisites for attending this course.