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Chocolate Skills with Daren Bale

Enhance your chocolate skills...

Immerse yourself in a day of chocolate, discovering various techniques whilst making the recipes yourself.  Daren will be on hand to demonstrate and then guide you as you have a go yourself.

Refreshments will be ready on arrival, you will then have the opportunity to meet with Daren who will introduce you to the subject of chocolate!  

You will then be taken down into the cookery school where Daren will demonstrate tempering, piping, shaping and blending chocolate into mouthwatering dishes before you have a go yourself.  There may even be an opportunity to make some beautifully packaged Christmas presents to take away with you.

Lunch will be served with wine.

A truly mouthwatering, inspirational and productive day out!

Equipment list:

Please wear covered, flat and comfy shoes.  Everything will be provided including aprons.


There are no pre-requisites for attending this course.