Our School

Our Location

The views that greet you on arrival at Colliers Hill just ooze a flair for creativity.  Across the Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire fields with the Welsh mountains in the distance, nature is at its most magnificent.

What better environment could there be to realise my dream of opening a Cookery School, I am that proverbial child in a sweet shop.


Like the majority of children raised in the 1970s, I was bought up on vegetables from the garden, meat from the butcher, fish from the fishmonger and our milk came directly from the farm next door. Don’t get me wrong the fast food of our time consisting of fish fingers and ‘Smash’ potato were used when time saving was paramount, but I don’t remember it being a treat! The 1980s for me however was the era of spaghetti bolognaise and the take-off of fast food burger outlets. The need to cook when at college and working in London was just not on the radar, let alone having any regard or knowledge for nutrition. The days of locally sourced food and a balanced diet were replaced by snatched sandwiches and bowls of cereal before heading out for the evening.

I was given a four week cookery course for my 21st birthday. It was this course that not only gave me the passion for food but the confidence to budget and cater. On the back of this, not only did I run a chalet in Verbier, I also managed the food budgeting whilst sailing as a crew member on a five week passage across the Pacific Ocean and then again from South Chile down to Antarctica. The provisions had to last for a year in case we got iced in!

My husband has a natural talent for cooking and is well known by friends and families for creating the most incredible birthday cakes. Our three children are so excited about the prospect of having a cookery school. Like us, their thirst for culinary knowledge knows no bounds.

I just cannot wait to work alongside teachers who will be sought after to run specialist hands-on culinary courses from my school. I was thinking baking, fish preparation, game, vegetarian, worldwide courses, street food, ‘Off to University’… I’m sure the list will be endless.